Pratts Motor Spirit (note smaller embossing)

Feaver, London. 8/14  

A commonly seen can but not normally in such incredible original condition. Embossed Pratts script can in green with gold over black decal. Valor 8/29. 

Pratts High Test Can, Black with gold decal. Valor 12/32. 


Pratts Ethyl. ‘Drive with Ethyl’ slogan decal on a black embossed can featuring the gold decal in the script. Valor, 4/34. 


1908 Pratts can with recessed top (made by Grants) Standard size cap.

Original 2 tone green/silver Pratts Perfection Spirit can for blended or mixed fuel. 1911

Pratts Perfection Spirit with ultra rare paper label still on end panel.

Uncommon embossing pattern