Recessed top Shell, original paint! Maker: Feaver, London. 1910. 1” cap. British Petroleum Co Ltd.


‘Racing Shell’ can with rare stencilled logo on a standard can. 1930








Racing Shell embossed version with gold decal in original condition 


Shell Mex BP (supplied by Scottish Oils) Excellent original sage green colour. Reads, Liverpool, 12/38. 

Shell & BP (Irish) can. IFS – Irish Free State


Shell Benzine (company address stamped into handle) 


Shell Aviation (later version) in original gold colour. Valor. 1/34 

Two Tone Red & Grey Shell can for blended fuel. Maker: APC, 5/1912. 22 Fenchurch Street address stamped on handle.

Irish Shell can with large embossed clam on either side. Irish Shell Ltd address stamped on top panel.


War time Shell motor spirit can, painted green and ‘Pool Spirit’ stencilled on

Shell ‘Duo’ can so called due to being two cans in one, featuring a built in spare oil can. (drop in insert) A can coveted by many collectors.


Shell X-100 Oil Can.